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Tascha - Rescue Me (Live Session)

Tascha - Rescue Me (Live Session)


"Ephémère" is at the junction of Tascha's main registers. She expresses how important it is to love people and let go of your grievances because you never know what tomorrow holds.

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"Warrior" is the story of Tascha's battle to attain her vision and how God relinquished the battle and gave a victory. 

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The lyrics of " Loin de Ma Terre" came from a letter in which Tascha was saying goodbye to memories, hopes and dreams about a passed relationship. Later, the melodies and the chords gave life to this songs that is really precious to her heart.

Loin de Ma TerreTASCHA
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On September 2022, Tascha was featured on the Berklee Two track Serie.
For the occasion, she arranged "Lavi bon" composed by Erik Pedurand and performed her original "Rescue Me" surrounded by her friends.

The Stevie Wonder Tribute took place at the Berklee Performance Center and remains one of Tascha's favorite show. She performed a medley of Master Blaster & Higher Ground.

Invited by the French Radio RFI, Tascha performed with the band Monkuti one of their album's singles "Monkuti Vilé" released on 2018.


Berklee Two Track Live: A Headphone Concert

On December 2022, Tascha shared the stage with
Mia Zeta to cover Ojitos Lindos at
the Berklee Performance Center. 

The Spark EP - Inner Glimmer

Tascha had the pleasure to interpret and
co-arranged this project led by Yannick Pannekoek released in 2022.


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Tascha is a Parisian singer-songwriter who started to perform from an early age with different bands of Funk, Afrobeat, Soul and Jazz music.

These genres, combined with her interest for urban music and her French Caribbean heritage (Guadeloupe & Martinique) gave life to her universe that she likes to call "Rooted Pop music".

After 3 years of music studies at "IMEP Paris College of Music '', Tascha received a "World Tour scholarship" from Berklee College of Music, and as a Fulbright laureate, was awarded the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust scholarship.

She's currently majoring in songwriting, and enjoys writing in English, French and Creole as each language brings a particular character to her voice and different colors to her compositions. 

Tascha particularly enjoys performing for major events organized by Berklee and has just been awarded the 2023 Bill Pierce MLK scholarship.

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